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At FS 360, our passion for construction isn't just a business trait; it's in our DNA. Since 2008, we've had the honor of serving the needs of many reputable companies and organizations, from bustling airports to vibrant university campuses. Our journey is carved with commitment, discipline, and integrity, forming the core of who we are.
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Meet The FS360 Team.

With diverse capabilities and a unified vision, we’re not just builders; we’re partners in progress.

FS 360 is where government, education, and commercial visions come to life. With expertise spanning Aviation, Education, Government, and beyond, our goal is to cultivate enduring relationships through our top-tier construction management and contracting services. As a trusted ally,
FS 360 is founded on the following tenets:
A Philosophy Of Excellence
We believe in the power of partnership and precision. At FS 360, your project, no matter its size, is our masterpiece. This ethos has fostered over 90% repeat business, a testament to the trust and satisfaction we've cultivated. Our commitment? Your project is our priority, and we'll reward your trust with unparalleled excellence.
A Foundation Of Inclusion
As an African American Business Enterprise, FS 360 thrives on inclusivity. We are proud EBO and MBE certified, committed to fostering diversity in every facet of our work. Our partnerships with diverse suppliers reflect our belief in equitable opportunities. We stand against discrimination, champion open competition, and embed these values in our company culture. Embracing diversity isn't just good business; it's the right way to build a future.
A Priority On Safety
Safety is our backbone. At FS 360, we relentlessly pursue workplace safety, recognized by prestigious awards like the STEP and ATLNEXT Safety Awards. Our commitment to safety is unwavering, whether it's through rigorous training or innovative practices. In occupied spaces, safety takes a front seat, ensuring seamless operations and peace of mind.
Delta Air Lines Training Center Lobby Renovation
Client: City of Atlanta

Experience The
FS 360 Difference.

We're committed to strong relationships and addressing tough challenges head-on, transforming your intricate projects into practical, visually appealing solutions. Our expertise is a balanced blend of schedule, budget, quality, and safety, always prioritizing your vision. At FS 360, we excel in project management, viewing every detail as a chance for innovation.
Our Guiding Principles
We're dedicated artisans in the realm of construction. Every project is a canvas for our commitment and pursuit of excellence.
Your vision is our mission. We ask, listen, and deliver enduring results, crafting relationships that outlast buildings.
Your project is our pledge. We honor every detail, ensuring transparent communication and unwavering dedication from start to finish.

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