Developing visionary construction partnerships that are built to last.

At FS 360, we believe in more than simply pursuing projects; we seek relationships! With a strong foothold in both Atlanta, GA, and Dallas/Ft. Worth, TX, we're dedicated to nurturing lasting partnerships grounded in collaboration and shared progress.
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At FS 360, our approach to commercial construction is distinctly innovative and relationship-focused.

We're committed to strong relationships and addressing tough challenges head-on, transforming your intricate projects into practical, visually appealing solutions. Our expertise is a balanced blend of schedule, budget, quality, and safety, always prioritizing your vision. At FS 360, we excel in project management, viewing every detail as a chance for innovation.
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We're more than just builders; we're your strategic partners in creating lasting legacies.

Our continued success spans diverse sectors, from aviation to education. Our reputation for seamlessly crafting functional and elevated spaces remains unparalleled. We seek collaborators who appreciate the value of a shared journey, prioritizing a partnership that goes beyond cost considerations.
The FS 360 Advantage
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Innovative Perspective:
Leveraging our diverse industry experience, we bring unique, effective solutions to every project.
Expert Team:
Our team, carefully chosen for their expertise and diverse work histories spanning multiple industries, epitomizes the perfect blend of experience and innovation.
Proven Track Record:
Zero litigation history, never failing to complete a contract, and recipients of the MBE Firm of the Year award.
Strategic Market Focus:
With a broad portfolio in aviation, corporate, education, and government sectors, we ensure specialized expertise.
Long-Term Partnerships:
Our success lies in building enduring relationships, offering repeat business opportunities through multi-phase contracts.
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